All Bouts Official at M-1 Ukraine European Battle, Aspiring Prospects Wage War on Saturday, June 4th

With the scale packed away and all bouts confirmed for Saturday June 4th’s M-1 Ukraine European Battle, top M-1 Challenge contenders and prospects are ready to tear apart the canvas in hopes to clamor up the contention ladder or impress the attending M-1 Executives in hopes of earning a contract with Europe’s leading mixed martial arts promotion (MMA). Fans worldwide can watch the action from the National Circus Arena in Kiev, Ukraine via LIVE streaming telecast on the official M-1 Global website ( and M-1 Global facebook fan page starting at 11:00am EST / 8:00am PST.

“This event is another great example of how M-1 is driving the evolution and growth of MMA in Europe,” said M-1 Global’s Director of Operations, Evgeni Kogan. “Saturday’s fights will showcase some of the Ukraine’s top talent as well as special attraction bouts featuring M-1 title contenders, such as Yasubey Enomoto. The fans tuning in to the live stream will certainly be impressed.”

M-1 Global Special Attraction Bouts:

Welterweight – Yasubey Enomoto (169 ½ Lbs) vs. Rafal Moks (170 Lbs)

Lightweight – Yuri Ivlev (153 Lbs) vs. Artiom Damkovsky (152 ¾ Lbs)

Welterweight – Alexander Agafonov (169 3/4) vs. Husein Haliev (167 ¼ Lbs)

Lightweight – Antun Racic (155 Lbs) vs. Vugar Bahshiev (155 Lbs)

M-1 Ukraine Bouts:

Lightweight – Ilya Tiunov (153 ¼ Lbs) vs. Farkhad Fatallah (152 ½ Lbs)

Lightweight – Sergey Adamchuk (154 ¼ Lbs) vs. Sergey Sinkevich (147 ½ Lbs)
Welterweight – Vladimir Opanasenko (168 Lbs) vs. Syanan Yusibov (169 ¾ Lbs)
Welterweight – Vasily Novikov (169 ¾ Lbs) vs. Alexander Nimerenko (170 Lbs)
Middleweight (185 Lbs) – Alexander Dolotenko (182 ¼ Lbs) vs. Philip Anasovich (177 ¼ Lbs)

Club ‘SK ARIS’ vs. Club ‘BK Belarus’ Bouts:

Lightweight – Alexander Kozyr (151 Lbs) vs. Semen Tyrlya (151 Lbs)
Welterweight – Vadim Khaitulov (169 Lbs) vs. Viktor Talashov (168 ¼ Lbs)
Middleweight – Ruslan Khaskhanov (185 ¼ Lbs) vs. Andrew Dryapko (183 ½ Lbs)
Light Heavyweight (205 Lbs) – Saparbek Safarov (204 ¼ Lbs) vs. Igor Litoshik (199 ¼ Lbs)
Heavyweight (205+ Lbs) – Igor Zadernovsky (214 ¼ Lbs) vs.Stepan Kostyuchenko (216 ¾ Lbs)

LIVE broadcast coverage of the M-1 Ukraine European Battle will be available to viewers worldwide on the official M-1 Global website ( and M-1 Global facebook fan page starting at 11:00am EST / 8:00am PST.

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