Today’s Alistair Overeem Nevada State Athletic Commission Hearing Updates

Here are some updates from the Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing featuring former Strikeforce heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem, after rumors surfaces over the past couple days that he won’t be facing Brock Lesnar at UFC 141:

Meeting starting with a discussion about out of competition drug testing, following up on a topic from a meeting in July of 2010, no relation to anything going on with Overeem.

Lesnar and Overeem were contacted to have tests done. Lesnar went to a hospital to do it. Overeem “we’ll deal with later” the commission says. Lesnar was clean.

Commission continued to discuss out-of-competition testing. Sounds like fighters will need to be tested within 48 hours of notification of a random test.

Vladimir Matyushenko got his license taken care of. He had doctor and trainer clearance. They mention that Vlady was the first main event fighter in the UFC in Nevada. Commissioners ask about his training program and he receives his license.

Same process for Jardine. Keith was asked about a 2010 suspension by Texas. He pushed an official by accident thinking it was a fan grabbing him on the way to the ring. He said he had a migraine that fight. Was asked if he was aware it could be life threatening. Also asked if he understands that Nevada does not condone shoving officials. Jardine is licensed.

November 17, Alistair Overeem was requested to take a test. Was told to set up a test no later than Friday of that week. The next day Lesnar requested to take his test at a hospital and they approved the idea. By Monday the 21st they still did not get the test taken nor contact the commission. Then were told that Overeem flew back to Holland.

Overeem took a test on the 23rd but it was the wrong test (was a blood test, not urine). That test came back normal.

Supposedly Overeem left town the same day (Nov 17) as the request for the test. The blood test was not indicative of any sort of abnormality, but was not a steroid test.

Overeem was sworn in under oath to answer questions about the situation. He apologized for the delay. Said there was a situation where his mother was not doing well so he moved camp back to Holland. Then said that it was his first fight in the UFC and said that testing in Holland is different.

Overeem said that his test on the 7th was done by his own doctor, not a testing facility.

They eventually asked straight out if he took efforts to delay or avoid the testing. Overeem said no and said he did everything his assistants told him to do.

Overeem said that he bought his plane ticket on the 15th, two days before being asked to take the test. That may be what seals his receiving a license.

The idea of a conditional license was brought up with Overeem needing to pass the test they’re still waiting on, be tested when he lands and be randomly tested for 6 months following the fight.

Overeem seemed like he would be granted a conditional license based on that December 7 test being clean, post-fight he will be randomly tested via urine sample in the United States twice over 6 months. But the motion was not seconded and it went back to deliberation.

Now adding that within 72 hours Overeem has to drop a new urine sample in a testing facility the commission finds. Has to pass that test. And has to be tested right away when he gets to the US. Then has to be tested twice randomly over 6 months.

Overeem receives license.

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