Alistair Overeem in London, England for Pre-Fight Drug Test: “After this, there cannot be any more doubt.”

The last man to hold the Strikeforce heavyweight title, Alistair Overeem will arrive in London, England today to conduct the pre-fight drugs test at Quest Diagnostics ordered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission in order to fight at UFC 141. Overeem explains that the string of tests he has been put though will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind about possible steroid abuse.

The Nevada State Athletic Commissions executive director, Keith Kizer, speaking at the hearing yesterday, said:

“If anything bothers me at all, it’s the fact that I wasn’t told until Monday afternoon that he had gone to Holland on Thursday evening. I’m not sure that would have changed anything as far as getting him in for a test, but it still would have been nice to know.”

“They’ve gone off without a hitch until this time, and I think it’s just a matter of happenstance of Mr. Overeem’s mother getting ill and him getting on a flight within hours of my phone call as opposed to someone jumping in a car and driving across the country after I make the phone call. I think the facts give me comfort that I don’t need to do some major detective work on it, especially with the fact that the key is to get this guy tested even more so and see where we go from there.

“We’ve had it before, most famously with (Manny) Pacquiao, and a lot of that just depends on the country. There are different rules in different places. In fact, as Overeem mentioned and we were able to verify, in Holland, if not most of Europe, you can’t just go to a Quest lab or something similar to that. You’ve got to go to your doctor and do it that way. Even in some states (in the U.S.) it’s different, and it’s not always easy for an athlete to walk in off the street and say, ‘Hey, I want you to test my urine.’”

“So it’s always going to be a case-by-case basis. The U.K. is a lot more streamlined, and that’s why the commission had him go to the U.K. Sometimes we have contacts, or Quest [has] contacts with a foreign jurisdiction. But it does make it more difficult, obviously.”

Overeem, speaking via Yahoo! Sports, said:

“I’ll be tested four times in three weeks this month, so after this, there cannot be any more doubt. The thing is, I’ve fought in the States before and every time I got tested, I’ve never tested positive. So I don’t where all [the speculation about steroid use] is coming from. I’m too focused on my career, and I don’t really pay attention to these messages.”

“I cannot judge other fighters, though of course sometimes you have your suspicions. Do I think testing should be [done] more [frequently]? Yes, I do think it should be done more, but I think it should be applied to all athletes and not just a randomly select few.”

“It’s not all that bad. It’s a bit of a distraction, but fighting at this level, things hardly ever go perfectly for an entire camp. I’m not bothered by it and I can deal with it. I’ve been through many camps, and I’m used to dealing with different kinds of distractions.”

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