Alistair Overeem Has “Reasonable Explanation” Why His T/E Ratio Was Off

Glenn Robinson, the manager of UFC heavyweight number one contender Alistair Overeem, has explained his fighter has a “reasonable explanation” as to why his testosterone-to-epitesosterone ratio was way off a couple of months ago when he was randomly drug tested following The UFC 146 press conference in Las Vegas.

Inside MMA reporter, Ron Kruck said:

“I did speak to Glenn Robinson his manager, and he said that Overeem is respectful for the Commission’s process, and he is very hopeful that he will be granted his license. The entire team is very confident that he will be facing Junior dos Santos, come May 26. Now, Robinson also wanted to make it very clear that despite other reports, Overeem did not test high for testosterone. Rather, his testosterone-to-epitesosterone ratio was off, and he has a reasonable explanation for why that is, which he will present to the Commission, next Tuesday.”

Kruck also spoke with NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer:

“Kizer confirmed several things. Overeem has applied for a license to fight in the state, and he will have an opportunity to present his case to the Commission, on why he should be granted that license, despite failing his pre-fight drug test. Now, some have speculated that Oveeem may use the defense of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), as a defense we have seen several fighters use before, but speaking to Kizer, he has said Overeem has not applied for a TRT exemption. That doesn’t mean he still can’t. He has time to do that. As long as he does so and gives the Commission’s doctors reasonable time to deal with the situation.”

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