Abe Wagner targets UFC after knocking out former heavyweight champion, Tim Sylvia

TUF try out, Abe Wagner has revealed his ambitions following his first round shock knockout over former UFC heavyweight champion, Tim Sylvia just last month in Kentucky, explaining a place on the UFC roster is what he really wants.

Wagner, speaking via MMAWeekly.com, said:

“I think that if anything, it’s redemption for my performance on The Ultimate Fighter. Hopefully it goes a long way to setting the record straight to the kind of fighter I am.”

“Last year I guess I had a pretty bad fight in February and I took a lot of time off after to re-evaluate some things and get my head straight, and I guess I’d even say to find my love for the sport again. So when I came back and started training again three or four months later, I really enjoyed it and wanted to be there. I think it’s made all the difference.”

“I’m still working pretty diligently on my wrestling and my ground game. That got exposed like two years ago, and I think I’ve gone a long way towards shoring it up, but obviously it could always use improvement. I think in some of my past fights I fought stiff, just because my nerves were getting the best of me, but I’m trying to stay looser and that’s really paying off too.”

“My general goal is to fight at the highest level I can, and obviously the end game is to fight in the UFC. As far as what I want to impress on people; win or lose I just want to fight hard and display my skills and athletic ability.”

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