Chael Sonnen Considering Weight Change: “I would go up to 205. Jon Jones.”

Former two-time UFC middleweight title contender, Chael Sonnen could very well be moving to the light heavyweight division to seak a fresh start inside the octagon following his most recent defeat, ruling out the possibility of retirement altogether.

Sonnen, speaking during UFC Tonight, said:

“I love this sport and I would never want to retire. My coach Clayton will be the one that retires me based on my results and productivity in practice. I could have easily defeated him, physically I’m fine, mentally I’m fine. Give me a couple of weeks to settle in and when you get in the spot that I am in, we will see. Anderson could retire any day now. And there is simply an option to start over by changing weight class. My mentors have done it and it could happen. I would go up to 205. Jon Jones. There are some great guys at 185, but traditionally and historically it is a good way to get a fresh start and start over.”

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