Wanderlei Silva on Chael Sonnen: “Fuck you man. You talked some bad things.”

Veteran of the sport and former PRIDE middleweight champ, Wanderlei Silva gives some insight on his feelings towards top trash-talker, Chael Sonnen, adding he lost respect for the number one contender and hopes he receives an ass kicking by fellow countryman, Anderson Silva.

Speaking via The MMA Show, Wanderlei said:

“He fights with his mouth. He’s not a top guy. He creates that style and looks for guys to give attention to him. But face to face, he’s like a kid. He’ll cry like a baby, man. I don’t know what kind of man can say something bad about you then say, ‘Hey Wanderlei, let’s shake hands.’ Fuck you man. You talked some bad things. I’m old school. You’re talking some bullshit about me, don’t shake my hand.

“This guy lost respect from me. Not one fighter respects him. I don’t like his style and I hope Anderson Silva kicks his ass. I think Anderson will be knock out Chael in the third round.”

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