Kurt Angle Says He Was Offered a UFC Contract, Dana White Says Not True

Former WWE heavyweight champion, Kurt Angle was appearently offered a UFC contract to pursue a career in the mixed martial arts by UFC President, Dana White, but revealed the terms were not what the Olympic Champion was looking for.

Angle, speaking via MMAWeekly.com, said:

“I actually contacted Dana White again after the movie (Warrior). I flew out to meet him once and got a great offer. I contacted him again, I was thinking about dropping out of [TNA] Impact Wrestling, and there were some personal problems with my marriage and I just wanted to get away. I contacted Dana White, I flew out, and he had me take the UFC physical. I passed it, thank God, and he gave me the offer.”

“The terms weren’t good, I mean not for me, and the terms I gave him weren’t good for him. He wanted me ready in four-and-a-half weeks; I wanted three to six months. So I respect Dana White and I love him to death, very good friend. I knew I was capable of winning in four-and-a-half weeks, but I wanted to be at my best.”

The UFC president responded the former WWE champion’s claims via Twitter: “love Kurt, but not true.”

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